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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Learn To Dream

Best accessed online - & by phone - 0845 456 4033
Learn To Dream is a photo developing studio that does work to a super-professional standard. While I've used Snappy Snaps before to put images on canvas to pretty amazing effect, but for my photo of Hong Kong at night I wanted something special.
The Proud Galleries used to run a service, and have now discontinued it, but they gave me the details for Learn To Dream.
What you do is email a photo to them, and then they ring you up to discuss what they could do with it. I had my photo done A1 size, with a silver finish and now the lights in the photo glow a bit like they did on the night. I've very happy with the result, and can recommend it to anyone. It's not cheap (£270 for mine), but compare that to professionally finished and framed pictures that you can buy.


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